[Video] How is broadcast TV faring in the Middle East?

Last week I was fortunate to Chair Day 2 of the inaugural IBC MENA Content Everywhere conference.

Here’s a link to the video of the opening keynote from the CEO of MBC Group, Sam Barnett, and a short Q&A between us before I opened up the session to questions from the floor (the later of which is sadly not captured).

MBC’s portfolio includes 20 TV channels such as MBC 1-4, the 24-hour Arabic language news channel Al Arabiya, sports services, 2 FM radio stations, a number of online offerings and the drama production company O3 Productions.

As the Chief Executive Officer of MBC Group, Sam is responsible for nearly 3,000 staff and a suite of services which reach 120 million viewers every day, so he’s obviously well worth listening to.

Fullscreen capture 28012015 122842.bmp

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