Industry and Corporate Reports (Sole Author)

Industry and Corporate Reports (Co-Author/Editor)

Book Chapters, Industry and Corporate Reports (Contributor)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles + Conference Papers

  • Digital Journalism (journal): The Digital Life of Small Market Newspapers, by Christopher Ali, Thomas R. Schmidt, Damian Radcliffe & Rosalind Donald (2018), DOI: 10.1080/21670811.2018.1513810
  • Journalism (Journal): Searching for Sheboygans: On the future of small market newspapers, by Christopher Ali, Damian Radcliffe, Thomas R Schmidt, Rosalind Donald, 01 January 2018.
  • Journalism Practice (Journal)Practicing Engagement, Participatory journalism in the Web 2.0 era, by  & , 03 November 2017.
  • Ali, Radcliffe, Donald and Schmidt (2017) ‘Why don’t we talk about local news anymore? Conversations with experts on the future of small market newspapers.’  [Paper accepted and presented at the 67th ICA Annual Conference, 25-29 May 2017 in San Diego.]
  • Ali, Radcliffe, Donald and Schmidt (2016/17) ‘Searching for Sheboygans.’  [Paper accepted for Ryerson University School of Journalism:Is no local news bad news? Local journalism and its future” conference. be held 3-4 June, Toronto, Canada, 2017.]
  • Lawrence, Radcliffe and Schmidt (2016) ‘Practicing “Engagement”: A Cross-National Comparison.’ Presented by Dr. Lawrence at the International Journal of Press/Politics Conference, Oxford University, 30th September 2016.
  • Radcliffe, D (2016)  “A importância dos dados para o jornalismo local”  / The Importance of Data for Local Journalism, Comunicação & Educação, São Paulo, v. 22, n. 1, p. 85-97, June 2017. ISSN 2316-9125 (in Portuguese).
  • Radcliffe, D and Scarbrough, H (2016) ‘How and why Hyper-Local Journalism Looks Different in the U.K.,’ in Communication & Education (Comunicação & Educação), a Brazilian publication in the area of Communication and Education, edited by the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP) [Translated into Portuguese. In Press.]

Media/Popular Press Articles

BBC College of Journalism / BBC Academy

The Conversation

Digital Content Next

European Journalism Observatory (EJO)

The Huffington Post

IJNet (International Journalists’ Network)


JustHere (Qatar)


The Media Briefing



Online Journalism Blog

Qatar Today

Reynolds Journalism Institute (University of Missouri)

Third Sector Magazine (Haymarket Publishing)

What’s New in Publishing

Your Middle East



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