[Podcast] Documenting Chicago’s Persistent Gun Violence with Pulitzer winning photographer E. Jason Wambsgans


Image via: https://abcnews.go.com/International/photos/2017-pulitzer-prize-winners-photography-46712849/image-winner-feature-photography-46715139 Tavon Tanner before surgery at Lurie Children’s Hospital to remove the bullet that went through his pancreas, stomach, spleen, a kidney and his left lung before getting lodged just below his shoulder, Oct, 17, 2016. Part of the Pulitzer prize winning series taken by the Chicago Tribune’s E. Jason Wambsgans.

In this conversation I’m joined by my University of Oregon colleague, Torsten Kjellestrand, and 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning photographer E. Jason Wambsgans.

Jason is a staff photographer at the Chicago Tribune, where he has spent the last 15 years covering stories that have taken him from the vanishing rainforests of Madagascar to the war in Afghanistan, and the last 5 years intensively documenting the problem of Chicago’s gun violence. Wambsgans studied fine art and cinema at Central Michigan University.

Throughout a career of wide-ranging assignments, his editors have counted on his ability to inventively meet challenges, whether aesthetic, technical or conceptual, while gracefully conveying the human experience.

In this podcast Jason talks candidly about his work covering gun violence in Chicago.

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