Everything I ever wrote for TheMediaBriefing (all 35 by-lines)


Last month saw the closure, after seven years, of TheMediaBriefing, the popular media and analysis website which blended “original analysis, insight and reporting on industry trends, challenges and opportunities … from around the media world.”

I wasn’t surprised by this outcome, but I was inevitably saddened by it.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to edit the publication in summer 2015 (whilst my US visa came through) and I continued to file monthly columns over the next two years after relocating to the States.

These pieces, often a tl;dr analysis of large industry reports, were consistently among the most read — and shared — pieces on the site. It was a pleasure to write them, but as a freelancer, I don’t see many obvious places to pitch these popular pieces too. (Suggestions on a postcard please!)

TheMediaBriefing’s fantastic events live on, now owned by Haymarket, and their podcast (and Twitter handle) has been successfully reincarnated as the weekly Media Voices Podcast.

Hopefully somebody else will pick up the type of written analysis they did. As a reader, new TMB pieces were among the first things I read each day. For now, I’ve yet to find an obviously replacement to a) write for and b) read. Recommendations on both these fronts, would be very welcome!

In the meantime, here’s a walk down my Media Briefing memory lane:

  1. What are the prospects for media companies in the Middle East?, 12th June 2017 (reissue of my Oct 2016 piece)
  2. Eight of the most surprising slides from Mary Meeker’s 2017 internet trends report, 05 June 2017
  3. How Generation Z, Millennials (and the rest of us) consume media: 7 key trends, 22 May 2017
  4. Study: Why publishers need to approach native advertising with caution, 24 Apr 2017
  5. Six strategic lessons for publishers moving “beyond the article”, 03 Apr 2017
  6. The global media landscape: in eight charts, 13 Feb 2017
  7. Innovation in news media: five key findings, 30 Jan 2017
  8. Five reasons why engagement is so hot right now, 03 Jan 2017
  9. Seven lessons for publishers from the Dallas Morning News, 19 Dec 2016
  10. What are the prospects for media companies in the Middle East?, 31 Oct 2016
  11. Public Service Broadcasting in the UK: 10 key charts, 05 Sept 2016
  12. PwC’s global media outlook 2016–2020: six key trends, 15 Aug 2016
  13. The state of news media in the US: what you need to know, 01 Aug 2016
  14. What Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016 means for your business, 08 Jun 2016
  15. Meet the start-up which argues better audience engagement can improve your bottom line, as well as your content, 06 Jun 2016
  16. Nine trends in US media consumption: in charts, 03 May 2016
  17. Key insights into newspaper subscription models in the US, 04 Apr 2016
  18. Has the podcasting renaissance been overstated?, 14 Mar 2016
  19. Trends in global advertising revenues and media consumption: 8 essential charts, 08 Feb 2016
  20. 2015 retrospective: 8 major developments to note, 11 Jan 2016
  21. How Teens and Tweens use media and technology: Six areas to be aware of, 14 Dec 2015
  22. Seven reasons why Snapchat is so hot right now, 12 Nov 2015
  23. Innovation lessons from the Cambodia Daily, 11 Aug 2015
  24. 6 Global Social Media Trends in charts, 29 Jul 2015
  25. How America watches TV: 8 trends to be aware of, 23 July 2015
  26. How can crowdfunding support media business models?, 08 Jul 2015(also republished by the Global Investigative Journalism Network)
  27. How will global media consumption and advertising change by 2017?, 01 Jul 2015
  28. The way we were: 10 ways UK media consumption has changed in the last decade, 24 Jun 2015
  29. Can European start-ups reshape the digital landscape?, 22 Jun 2015
  30. 9 key takeaways from the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015, 16 Jun 2015
  31. Are you an attention ninja? What Microsoft’s study into digital media habits means for advertisers, 10 Jun 2015
  32. 5 must read slides about internet markets in 2015, 05 Jun 2015
  33. How the BBC is harnessing mobile platforms to engage global audiences, 02 Jun 2015
  34. Seven internet trends you need to be aware of, 29 May 2015
  35. What’s in the Secretary of State’s inbox? Ten key media issues for new head of DCMS to consider, 15 May 2015

Damian Radcliffe is the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon, an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture Studies and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

He is an experienced Digital Analyst, Consultant, Journalist and Researcher who has worked in editorial, research, teaching and policy positions for the past two decades in the UK, Middle East and USA.

Connect on Twitter at @damianradcliffe or via email damianr@uoregon.edu

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