5 Facebook findings from the Middle East in 2015

This is the second in a series of ten short extracts from my 2015 round-up: Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2015 (also available on ScribdSlideShare and Academia.edu + the UNESCO Media Literacy Portal).

  • Across the region as a whole, however, Facebook continues to be the most used social network, with 80m users at the start of 2015.[i]


  • There are 12m users in Saudi Arabia and 11m in Iraq.[ii] Egypt, with 27m Facebook users, continues to have MENA’s largest Facebook population.[iii]


  • TNS reported that 87% of social media users in the region are on Facebook; and 84% of these access the network via mobile devices. 89% of these MENA users log on to the site daily.


  • Northwestern University in Qatar noted that Facebook usage among nationals had fallen in the past year, from 89% to 83%, possibly as a result of migration to other channels such as Instagram.


  • In November, questions were asked[iv] about why Facebook launched it’s “Safety Check” system when terrorists attacked Paris, but not when 41 people were killed in Beirut the day before.[v]

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 4.19.58 PM.png

Facebook user penetration by % of social media users, TNS Arab Social Media report

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[i] http://www.emirates247.com/business/technology/more-facebook-addicts-in-uae-compared-to-global-average-2015-03-18-1.584646

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[v] http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-34805466

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