Data visualization as a sustaining value of journalism – repost of an interesting piece by my colleague Nicole Dahmen

Visual Communication in the Digital Age

Journalism is an industry of storytelling. Data visualizations can help us craft more effective stories. As I discuss in a previous post, data visualizations, or infographics, are not new to journalism; what is new, however, are the emerging technologies that allow static infographics to become dynamic infographics, for a new realm of information visualization.

The just published book, Data Journalism: Inside the Global Future, discusses advances in digital technologies that allow for data journalists “to find and tell stories in new and visually exciting ways.” The book is edited by Tom Felle, John Mair, and Damian Radcliffe.


I have authored a chapter in the book in which I argue that in an age of digital news and social media, data visualization can be a sustaining value of journalism. Data visualizations that are rooted in facts, effectively presented through the correct data tools and technologies, and make a…

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