Round-ups from “What next for Community Journalism?” conference #CJ15

I’ve been busy reading a number of really good summaries and discussions about the “What next for Community Journalism?” conference which I attended/spoke at in Cardiff earlier this week.

If you can, I’d encourage readers to look at each of these posts, because they very quickly illustrate the plurality of views – and the breadth of backgrounds, interests and approaches – found in this subject area.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance on the day to discuss many of these issues, but this, admittedly small, snapshot suggests that there’s no unified view on how to move forward.

Having the opportunity to debate these different standpoints is important if sector is to move to the next level; in terms of funding, evidence base and standing in the UK media ecology, so it’s great to see these discussions being had online.

Hopefully there will be opportunities for these, more philosophical, debates in person at some point in the not too distant future.

Read more:

Jennifer Jones makes some good points about definitions and why they matter: Reflection from #CJ15: Moving beyond ‘hyperlocal’ hating & towards a healthier Community Journalism debate…

Andy Dickinson touches on a range of issues including concerns about “BIG weak spots” in the ethics and law arena: My thoughts on #CJ15: What next for community journalism?

Simon Pipe, who established the excellent St Helena Online, briefly explains how my new report could be used in the classroom: Warwick ideas: hyperlocal journalism

Richard Jones highlights the Facebook challenge, and how the social network is no longer the friend for hyperlocal publishers that it once was: What Next For Community Journalism? Cardiff Conference 2015

Russel Todd makes the case for the community development angle in this space, encouraging diversity of voice and coverage of issues affecting disadvantaged communities: Community development and community journalism: reflections on the @C4CJ #CJ15 conference

Miljenko Williams rightly identified “a sense of vibrancy and excitement about the possibilities, pluralities, multiplicities and opportunities” on the day in: Community journalism – some contradictions?

Jon Hickman explores Hyperlocal, hegemony, and closure — notes from the What Next for Community Media? (#cj15) conference including links with wider community media, the rise of print (and it’s relative absence from the agenda) and the challenges of conference formats.

Finally, Dave Harte reports on some of the academic conversations taking part in this space: What next for Community Journalism?

If you spot any other round-ups from the day, then do let me know, and I’ll add them to this list.

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