Moving On… Stateside

Today is my last day at TheMediaBriefing, which I’ve been fortunate enough to guest edit over the summer. It’s been a fantastic three months; working with a great team, bringing on board people I’ve long admired as freelancers and guest contributors, as well as getting the chance to write about a broad range of topics and case studies. (That I’ve also helped the site to have their best and third-best ever monthly traffic figures is also very pleasing! #Humblebrag)

The role was always temporary, because there was a strong chance that I would be moving to the US later in the year. All of the relevant paperwork for that was finalised earlier this week, so I now feel comfortable talking about my plans for the future.

Next month to Oregon, where I will taking up a three-year post as Professor of Practice and the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at University of Oregon. It’s a great University, with a fantastic forward thinking J-School in a beautiful part of the world.

I’m excited to be teaching and working with the next generation of multi-media journalists, engaging in new research and continuing to work as a journalist, consultant and trainer on other projects as time permits.

As you can see from the recent AEJMC advert below, I also join an amazing cohort of new faculty. I know that I will learn huge amounts from them, my existing colleagues and my students. It’s a really privilege to be joining this team. I feel very lucky.

It’s an exciting next chapter with lots of new adventures to look forward to. In the meantime, there’s just the small matter of a few reports and a book to wrap up before I leave. Oh, and packing. Lots of packing… Onwards and westwards!

Oregon 2

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