Profiles in Digital Health: Andre Persidsky, Prana Tech

In contrast to many wearables which encourage us to be more active, Prana’s aim is to try and help wearers slow down and achieve an optimum mental and physiological state.

For Andre Persidsky CEO of Prana Tech, innovation is in his blood.

“My father was an inventor,” he explains, “with about 50 patents to his name in many diverse fields, from medical devices to 360 degree film projectors. So I got the invention bug quite early.”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Andre had his first commercial patented product – Preset Chess – at the age of 19, subsequently working as a game designer and producer before moving into the health arena.

“I’m drawn to the multidisciplinary engineering aspect,” he says, so “now I focus mainly on unique hardware startups in health and medical areas.”

Andre’s experience in the games industry – which included running his own game development studio for 4 years – is also brought to bear through a desire to blend hardware with “gamification”. Increasing this, he believes, can “improve user engagement” in the health space.

Read the rest of this interview on nuviun.

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