3 global lessons for eHealth providers

Every two years the United Nations publishes an extensive study into the global state of e-Government. Damian Radcliffe looks at what the current survey tells us about ehealth.

e-Government activity typically supports government-to-government (G2G); government-to-business (G2B) or government-to-consumer (G2C) relationships; unlocking in the process cost saving and efficiencies, whilst also providing end users with new levels of convenience and information.

As a result of this, e-gov activity is increasingly a priority for governments across the globe, with major sectors such as education, business, and health all benefitting from these IT-led efforts.

For the United Nations, e-Government can be a tool for sustainable development and a potential lever for generating “new employment, better health and education.” So what can digital health providers learn from their analysis?

Read the three key research conclusions from their most recent study over on nuviun.


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