Links to interviews with 20 hyperlocal practitioners

Hot off the back of yesterday’s #FutureLearnAsks Twitter chat on community journalism, I thought it might be useful to share links to a series of interviews with practitioners that I have done over the past three years. These can be found on the terrific Online Journalism Blog, following on from earlier efforts led by the site owner Paul Bradshaw.

For anyone interested in community journalism or hyperlocal media these offer a fascinating insight in the motivations behind these sites, their successes and challenges, as well as plans for the future. There are lots of useful hints and tips that you can pick up from reading these pieces.

If you’re interested in featuring in the series, please reach out via Twitter, or in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

  1. #Hyperlocal Voices: Niall Norbury, Alt Reading, 19, Jan 2015
  2. Hyperlocal Voices Revisited: Tim Dickens, Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle, 24 Nov 2014
  3. Hyperlocal Voices: Jenny Shepherd, Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker, 03 Nov 2014
  4. Hyperlocal Voices: Mark Baynes, Love Wapping, 01 Oct 2014
  5. Hyperlocal Voices: Jack Davies, Tongwynlais, 22 Sep 2014
  6. Hyperlocal Voices: Geraldine Durrant, East Grinstead Online, 28 Aug 2014
  7. Hyperlocal Voices: Matthew Duffy, Coventry Culture, 18 Jul 2014
  8. Hyperlocal Voices: Jamie Summerfield, A Little Bit of Stone, 05 May 2014
  9. Hyperlocal Voices Revisited: Ray Duffill, Hedon Blog, 6 Dec, 2013
  10. Hyperlocal Voices: David Williams, MyTown Media, 26 Nov 2013
  11. Hyperlocal Voices: Annemarie Flanagan, Editor of, 11 Jul, 2013
  12. Hyperlocal Voices Revisited: Ross Hawkes, Lichfield Live, 03, Jun, 2013
  13. Hyperlocal Voices: Geoff Bowen, Sheffield Forum, 23 Mar, 2013
  14. Hyperlocal Voices: Paul Smith,, 25 Feb, 2013
  15. Hyperlocal Voices: Simon Pipe, St Helena Online, 04 Oct 2012
  16. Hyperlocal Voices: Matt Brown, Londonist, 16 Aug 2012
  17. Hyperlocal Voices: Richard Gurner, Caerphilly Observer, 25 Jul 2012
  18. Hyperlocal Voices: Ed Walker and Ryan Gibson, Blog Preston, 02 Jul 2012
  19. Hyperlocal Voices: Rachel Howells, Port Talbot MagNet, 22 Jun 2012
  20. Hyperlocal Voices: Zoe Jewell and Tim Dickens, Brixton Blog, 12 Jun 2012

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