Understanding SoMo (Social Mobile) in the Middle East – 5 key facts

  • YouTube is, perhaps not surprisingly, the single largest source of mobile traffic in the region. It accounts for over 25% of downstream traffic.
  • 50% of YouTube views in Saudi Arabia, and 40% in UAE, are via mobile devices.
  • Mobile social consumption is highest in Qatar (46%) and Israel (44%). It is lowest in Algeria (9%) and Yemen (4%). The world average, We Are Social notes, is 21%.
  •  UAE is Viber’s third biggest market, 34% of mobile Internet users in the Emirate use the application monthly behind the Philippines (44%) and Ireland (37%), compared with 12% globally (Global Web Index daily email, 25th September 2014).
  •  Turkey and UAE are in the Top 10 global markets for Vine, with UAE teens being the third most likely to use the six-second video clip service.
  • Vine MENA

Top 10 markets for Vine, via GlobalWebIndex quarterly survey

This is an extract from my third annual round-up of Social Media in the Middle East. You can download a copy of the document here and it also available on Scribd,SlideShare and Academia.edu.

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