Social Media for News: 3 quick stats (and 2 charts) from MENA in 2014

  1. Trust in social media as a news source growing fast for MENA Youth, reports the annual Arab Youth Survey. Although TV remains the most trusted source of news, social media is quickly catching up. Should this trend continue, it may overtake TV in the news trust index during 2015.
  2. Although 59% discover the majority of their news via social, TV nonetheless remains the primary channel for breaking news, in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, according to AP and Deloitte.
  3. Among Internet users, a third of Qatari Nationals use WhatsApp to find out the latest news, compared to 21% of online expats. This is the top social news source for Nationals, whereas 52% of expat Internet users in Qatar find the news on Facebook, versus just 12% of Qataris.


trust in sources


sources for news


Images: Arab Youth Survey, AP/Deloitte

This is an extract from my annual 2014 round-up of social media in the Middle East. 

You can download a copy of the document here and it also available on Scribd,SlideShare and

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