3 things we learnt about YouTube and Video Content in the Middle East during 2014

“Viewership is growing at 50 per cent year on year, both globally and in the region, with more than one billion users visiting YouTube every month. And in MENA, a majority of that viewership is happening on mobile — a first for any region on YouTube.

Robert Kyncl, head of Content and Operations at YouTube

This is the fourth extract from my third annual round-up of Social Media in the Middle East. The 2014 review is now available ScribdSlideShare and Academia.edu.


  • Different countries dominate YouTube in terms of content generation. Data analysed by Startappz found that most news content on YouTube comes from Qatar and Syria, whilst Saudi Arabia leads the contribution for comedy, with UAE dominating Entertainment content.
  • YouTube content is already reaching huge audiences. EyshElly, a YouTube programme created by UTURN Entertainment, has c.2.2 million subscribers and has enjoyed over 245 million views.
  • Video content adds to the stickiness and understanding of news content, AP stated in a study of news consumption in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 75% of those surveyed are more likely to access a news story if it is accompanied by video, 83% claimed it improves their understanding.
 YouTube content

Extract from Startappz’s infographic on YouTube production in the Middle East 

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