5 things we learned about Instagram in the Middle East during 2014

This is the third extract from my third annual round-up of Social Media in the Middle East. The 2014 review is now available ScribdSlideShare and Academia.edu.

  1. Instagram is the leading generator of social networking traffic across the region, Etisalat announced at GITEX Technology Week in October. On some mobile networks the photo sharing channel consumes nearly twice the bandwidth of Facebook.
  2. Instagram is more popular with Qataris than Facebook or Twitter, Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) found. This finding was reinforced by new findings into social media use published in December by ictQATAR, Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.
  3. The same NU-Q study found that Instagram usage is lowest among Egyptians and Tunisians.
  4. The UAE government launched a unified Instagram account promising behind-the-scenes footage of government work, including “on-the-spot information” from Cabinet meetings.
  5. A “Richkidsoftehran” Instagram account was shut down in Iran in September, the same month it was created. (Although it now seems to be back up.) A counterpart “poorkidsoftehran” was also set up to show an alternative world.



Usage of Instagram among Nationals, Northwestern University in Qatar and Doha Film Institute

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