5 things we learned about Facebook in the Middle East during 2014

This is an extract from my third annual round-up of Social Media in the Middle East. The 2014 review is now available ScribdSlideShare and Academia.edu.

  1. Facebook remains the most popular social network in the region, with 74 million users.
  2. It has nearly twice as many internet users as Twitter, its nearest rival, according to a study by Northwestern University in Qatar and the Doha Film Institute.
  3. 42 million MENA users visit Facebook each day, 65% via mobile devices. Given this, Facebook mobile ads now constitute 66% of total ad revenues in the region (Q3 14). Up 49% from last year.
  4. Egypt continues to dominate MENA’s Facebook market. It is home to c.20 million+ users, with 2.6 million alone joining in Jan-May 2014.
  5. Nonetheless, penetration by country is higher in the less populous Gulf countries, where a greater percentage of the total population use the network.

Top social networks MENA 2014

Top social media networks in six select countriesMedia use in the Middle East, Northwestern University in Qatar

FB Arab Social Media report

Facebook user penetration by total population, Arab Social Media report


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