10 ways tech is transforming education

Cross-post from LinkedIn.


The education sector is benefiting from changing media habits and evolving digital behaviours.



The rise of robots and the move to video.

These buzzwords could be applied to any number of media and tech sectors; and increasingly we’re seeing them in the world of education too.

As part of their monthly Top 10 series, the Rassed team at Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) have produced a round-up highlighting how educational establishments around the globe are embracing some of these ideas and technology-led innovations. [Disclaimer, I work there.]

This includes crowd-sourced videos on Tahrir Academy, tools like Geddit which provide live feedback on lessons for teachers from their students (putting your hand up is clearly passé), and giving your avatar (and you) points for good behaviour viaClass DoJo.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Technology is also enabling communities – both geographic and demographic – to participate in education as never before.

The presentation below includes case studies of apps for distance learning, softwarefrom Latin America that helps children with full – or partial – hearing impairments to read and write; as well as solar-powered mobile classrooms.

Find out more about these examples in the presentation below and the links therein.



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