One Year On: the launch of Cardiff University’s Centre for Community Journalism

Today marks the anniversary of the launched of Cardiff University’s Centre for Community Journalism (you can see coverage of this via Hold the Front Page, and Talk About Local).

I was fortunate enough to speak at the event, where I outlined some key developments from 2012 (explored further in this piece) and some ideas for the future (also explored further here).


Looking back at my thoughts – as well as some social media feedback from the event, I believe that many of these ideas remain prescient, and I intend to explore them further in 2014.

This is particularly true around some of my ideas about the role that Facebook can – and in many cases already does – play in the local space.

Certainly this was one of my five suggestions/recommendations which provoked some disagreement (which I hoped it would) and which remains an idea which I think merits further exploration.

Apart from focus on Facebook agree with much of what @mrdamian76 says in this @slideshare on #hyperlocal

— Ally Tibbitt (@allytibbitt) January 18, 2013

@mrdamian76 good slides. not sure about Facebook first, though. “Real” engagement seems low, search is rubbish and fb lacks transparency.

— Firetail (@firetail) January 16, 2013

@mrdamian76 also, you give up any chance to make cash.

— Firetail (@firetail) January 16, 2013

@firetail But, yes, never going to be a big money spinner. Print, events, training, all these are better $$$ opps. Spread your bets!

— Damian Radcliffe (@damianradcliffe) January 16, 2013

And not everyone disagreed. Which is always good 🙂

@mrdamian76 re:slide 12 Find I am using my FB page more for local #Drimnagh news and my hyperlocal site less 😦

— Pauline Sargent (@paulinesargent) January 16, 2013

8386818196_8fd1ed519b_o (1)

The notion that I posited around Local Media Hubs is also worth further thinking and discussion IMHO – especially with Local TV stations now starting to get out of the blocks during 2014.

In the meantime, thank you to everybody who commented on the day – and who have continued to pick up on the slides in the intervening 12 months (4,225 views and counting). It’s much appreciated.


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