A Slideshare-tastic 2013

I’ve been using SlideShare for a while and find it a great platform not just for sharing content, but also for finding great presentations and data on a wide range of different topics. However, judging by conversations with a number of colleagues and stakeholders, it is not a platform which is that well known in the Middle East.

This is probably why my content in 2013 was most viewed in the USA (although UAE was third).

Mostly the material I’m sharing now mirrors content posted on the ictQATAR channel, but the impact of this is that it reaches different audiences (USA, Iran and France where the top destinations to the channel, compared to USA, UK and UAE for me).

There’s a useful presentation from the SlideShare team (shared below) highlighting the most popular posts of 2013 and also some of the key trends – more visuals, less text etc. which is worth a look.

In the meantime, I’ll bask for the next five minutes or so in the success/reach of the two channels I’ve been using over the past year.

Fullscreen capture 1152014 74021 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 1152014 73942 AM.bmp

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