TweetLevel and understanding your impact on the Twittersphere

There’s a raft of Twitter analytics tools out there – I have previously used Kred and Topsy, and with more hours in the day would use others… recommendations welcome!

In the past few days I’ve also been playing around with with TweetLevel a measurement tool created by @JonnyBentwood at  the global PR firm Edelman.

Many people seem to think that Twitter is a numbers game. In my view it isn’t. I know many people who post great content, but have few followers. And the reverse is also very true.

Would I like to have more followers? Yes, of course! But TweetLevel is a useful tool for understanding the impact of your tweets, as well as providing a means to analyse and identify key people talking about the topics which interest you.

I’ll probably play around with it a bit more in the coming weeks – of particular note is the recommendations provided by TweetLevel on how to boost your score, once it’s done an initial analysis of your account.

In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of my account, as well as a useful article from Mihaela Lica Butler explaining how to use the tool as a means for research and SEO.

Fullscreen capture 11192013 75440 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 11192013 75451 AM.bmp


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