What Do We Mean By Local? Links to book extracts and how to buy online

During the summer I authored a chapter for the second edition of What Do We Mean By Local? I also reworked my chapter for a couple of articles:

BBC College of Journalism: Hyperlocal media: A small but growing part of the local media ecosystem and Journalism.co.uk: ‘Where hyperlocal media should focus its attention’, whilst other extracts, or reworkings appeared on a number of other journalism sites.

Jon Slattery’s blog for example included:

If you want to read the whole thing, you can buy directly from the publisher or on Amazon.

Other contributors include: Matthew Engel, Andrew Vallance, David Banks, Andrew Adamson, Marc Astley, Simon Bucks, Ian Carter, Jim Chisholm, Barnie Choudhury, Tor Clark, Richard Coulter, Andrew David, Tim Dickens, Tom Felle, Neil Fowler, Alan Geere, Agnes Gulyas, Lee Hall, Ross Hawkes, David Hayward, David Jackman, Nick Jones, Thomas Joseph, Stuart Littleford, Anthony Longden, Tim Luckhurst, James Marley, John Meehan, Chris Oakley CBE, Mike Rawlins, Paul Robertson, Max Sydney-Smith, Bob Satchwell, Richard Tait CBE, Sir Ray Tindle and Mark Woodward.

Higlights from a recent Media Society debate to launch the book can be found on Press Gazette.

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