An introduction to hyperlocal media [Video]

Below is a video of a presentation I gave to Ofcom colleagues in late 2010 introducing the emerging world of hyperlocal media.

The presentation includes a walk through of a cut down version of my wider slide pack “Introduction to hyper local media: full 12 inch version” which has had over 5,000 views on my SlideShare Channel

This is a few years old, but much of it remains relevant and valid today. Topics explored included definitions and types of sites, emerging trends, barriers and opportunities.

NB: I don’t have the slides from this session, but they are more or less the same as the slides I presented a few days later at a seminar held at Birmingham City University.

2 responses to “An introduction to hyperlocal media [Video]

  1. I am amazed at how relevant this information is at three years old on a subject that is moving at light speed. You have such a good intelectually honest take on this that I am dying to know if you are doing an updated talk anytime in the future. I would love to see what your new views are now given the info we now have on Patch and other services. Thank you for sharing this rich talk.

  2. Gavin, many thanks for your kind words. I’m sure I will do an update at some point. I’v already started updating the slides a little bit, which you can find on my SlideShare page – – and you can see some of the latest developments that I’ve written about on this website (or at – one area I do need to replug into more is the situation re Patch and US hyperlocal. As you say, the good thin is that this sector is now old enough that we are starting to get some richer data. We didn’t have anything when I gave this talk in 2010!

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