Bridging the digital divide – How Qatar sees it

Below is an article written by my ictQATAR colleague Khawar Iqbal and I (mostly Khawar,) for the International Institute of Communications. The article is featured in their May 2013 journal and in it we discuss our approach to Digital Inclusion and gives examples of work we have done with women, labourers, people with impaired vision and the Connected Communities project in Simaisma.

The International Institute of Communications (IIC), was established in 1969, with the aim of providing “senior professionals across the communications industry with the prospect of intellectually open and thought-provoking debate within a forum that analyses market and policy developments around the world… focused on global telecommunications, media and digital media policy and regulation, and their impact on business and society, the IIC offers the opportunity to share experiences between practising communications professionals, policymakers, regulators and academics.” (

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