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Cross-post first published online for JustHere.

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Inspired by an interview with Stefan Lindberg-Jones, Head Guy at Ginger Camel and founder of Think Big Qatar

So what’s it all about, Alfie?

I’ve no idea who this Alfie fella is, but I can tell you about ‘Think Big Qatar’.

Please do.

The initial plan was to create an online business directory for companies here in Qatar – using video to promote themselves – but the site is now much more than that. Whilst the directory is a key resource for connecting businesses and customers, Think Big Qatar…

Can I call it TBQ for short?

Ok…. TBQ is also where people find out what’s happening in Qatar or what events are coming up. More recently we’ve also branched out to including short videos offering health tips and business advice.

Kool and the Gang. Where did the idea for TBQ come from?

I spotted a gap in the market for an online video business directory and decided to fill it. And because of my background in television, I knew I had the technical expertise to do it.

Did you have to battle against the odds to make it happen?

I’d love to tell you that I did. But my main challenge was convincing local companies that video is the best possible means of securing an effective online presence.
Video is the best medium businesses can use to get their message out there. It’s cheap. It’s engaging. And it finds its way into the phones, tablets and laptops of people every day.

Presumably business in Qatar were more used to advertising in newspapers and magazines?

Absolutely. I had to persuade them that I had a more exciting and a more cost effective alternative. In the beginning it took all my powers of persuasion to make businesses see my ‘new’, crazy idea was actually the way forward. I’m starting to feel vindicated now!

What advice do you have for other online start-ups?

Be open. Listening to clients’ feedback, and pushing our own creative and technical boundaries to meet challenging and surprising briefs, means that Think Big Qatar is continually evolving.

And use the internet.

Of course! It is simply the greatest research tool any business person could hope for. Invite feedback and use it to make your idea and your online presence even better. Pay attention to what’s going on out there and use it to market your own business.

What other ideas are you working on?

We’re looking at how we can educate more people about social media. One idea is to deliver short ten-minute lessons at our Business Breakfasts.
We work with new media every day so perhaps we take our skills for granted, but I’ve been amazed how many people I come across who don’t yet know how to send a Tweet or upload photographs onto their Facebook page.
I’d really like to demystify the process and, in just ten minutes. I think we can give anyone a skill that they can immediately use it to boost their online presence.

This is Qatar, if food and social media is involved. I’m in!

Until then, how do people get involved or find out more?

Simple. Visit and if you like what we do, get in touch.

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