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Cross-post. Originally published online for JustHere.

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I’m on Twitter. I’m on Facebook. How else do I know what’s going on?  

Well, if you’re a tech lover, then this is where comes in. They talk about tech matters in the Middle East.

Hence the .me?  

Yes, hence the .me. They talk about entertainment, social networks, digital trends, that kind of thing. Oh, and they advertise tech jobs too.

Excellent. I will keep that in mind.  

You should. They also write about start-ups, any one of which could be the ‘next big thing’, and they were the media sponsor for an Internet Society event in Qatar. This involved live blogging, interviews, that kind of thing.

Cool. Actually, I’ve got an idea for a start-up.  

Not now.

OK. Who inspired them? Anyone I know?  

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, and Mike Arrington of TechCrunch.

Hey, I actually have heard of them. Well, their sites anyway!  

That’s a start.

Thanks! But hold on a minute, isn’t there loads of tech content already in the media?

Well, there is. But much of it is syndicated, and not necessarily relevant to the region. Or they write about a topic, but do one-off posts with no follow-up. These guys plan to follow people – and track developments, – over time.

Do they get a lot of traffic?  

They have page views of 7k+ per month, but you can expect that to go up since they’ve just signed up with MSN Arabia to syndicate their content.

That’s pretty cool.  

They think so. And I’m inclined to agree.

How else are they growing the business? I am taking notes here…  

The jobs section is growing, so that’s one source. Then after that a lot is just networking; actively showing their presence at various digital tech events happening in the region and signing relationships with technology providers.

Any big funders?  

Not yet, but they’re keen to explore an investment from an organisation/person who understands the online space.

The final frontier?  

Not exactly. But investors in the MiddleEast are often new to this arena. Some of the biggest investments done in the region are by external investments funds/companies who probably understand the online business better.

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