New role at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

Last week it was announced that I had been appointed as a Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

I am very excited about this. I know I will learn lots from the rest of the research team and it also gives me the opportunity to contribute to the Cardiff-led AHRC research project on Media, Community and the Creative Citizen – the first major UK academic study in this space.

The role will provide an outlet for my continuing research into hyperlocal media, which started with 2009’s report by Ofcom on Regional and Local Media in the UK and which has continued through a range of outlets including my landscape review for NESTA (Here and Now: hyper-local in the UK) and recent articles for (Why hyperlocals should not rule out print) and the BBC College of Journalism (Walking the local TV tightrope).

Sadly, having moved roles (and country) I can no longer provide the sort of regular sector updates that I used to, but I am hoping this role with Cardiff means that my more limited time has a clear focus and an opportunity to add value.

I also think the kind of research I used to produce isn’t quite needed like it once was.   This year alone we have already seen the launch of the AHRC research project and a new centre for community journalism, the BBC’s Connecting Communities Conference – #bbcscc12 – and NESTA‘s Destination  Local programme. The small hyperlocal fire I wanted to help keep stoked after Ofcom’s 2009 local media report is now burning very brightly (and I don’t for one minute take credit for any of it!).

Aside from contributing to the research project on Media, Community and the Creative Citizen, you will also find me doing other little bits and pieces in this space – from a new series of interviews with practitioners (“Hyperlocal Voices“) on the Online Journalism Blog through to sharing nuggets of intel via!, Delicious and Twitter. I will develop these new outlets more in due course, so if add these sites to your Reader do consider them very much a work in progress.


Copy of text from Cardiff University website. Monday, June 25, 2012

Damian Radcliffe, Internet and Society Manager at ictQATAR, has been appointed as a Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

Damian will provide input to the Cardiff-led AHRC research project on Media, Community and the Creative Citizen, which is  due for completion in October 2014.

Damian is a leading expert in the field of online news media and widely acknowledged for his influential work in the area  of hyperlocal journalism. Prior to his  move to Qatar earlier this year, Damian was Manager for Nations and Regions at Ofcom, the UK communications regulator.

He is a much followed blogger and the author of a recent assessment of the scale and scope of UK hyperlocal services for “Destination  Local”, an initiative led by the innovation agency NESTA.          He has collaborated with numerous  universities and with the BBC College of Journalism and the Online Journalism  Blog.

Damian Radcliffe said: “I look forward to learning and being challenged by fellow researchers and post-graduate students alike, while also sharing insights with the School about the fast changing developments taking place in the Middle East.

“As with hyperlocal and community journalism there is a rich story to tell, and I am grateful to the University for giving me a chance to help  tell it.”

Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital  Economy and Principal Investigator for the AHRC research project said:  “Damian will bring a fresh and well-informed international perspective to  our growing interest in community news media and I am delighted that he is able  to form this association with us.”

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Damian Radcliffe can be found at –

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