Struggles for sustainability online and successes in print – hyperlocal podcast from

Last week I spoke, via Skype, with Sarah Marshall the technology correspondent of about hyperlocal media and the potential for print. This played a very small part of a wider podcast exploring this issue. You see more information about the 15 minute podcast (and listen to it) here.

Sarah secured some great contributions from a number of practitioners in this space, namely:

  • Rachel Howells, a director of the Port Talbot Magnet and a PhD student researching the impact of the closure of local newspapers.
  • Richard Coulter, former chief sub-editor and assistant editor at the Bristol Evening Post who now runs the Filton Voice, a (profitable) hyperlocal print magazine now into its seventh edition.
  • Mike Rawlings who runs Pits n Pots, which is backed by the Journalism Foundation, and
  • Andy Williams, a lecturer at Cardiff University who has research interests in the local newspaper industry in South Wales.

Their weekly podcasts can be found via iTunes here and are well worth signing up to.

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