Summary of recent hyperlocal announcements

A new £1million programme designed to understand and stimulate the development of a UK hyperlocal media sector, has been launched today, led by NESTA and the Technology Strategy Board. Below are some of the key links, I will add more as they emerge, so do send them on to me:

NESTA launched Destination Local, a new programme designed to understand and stimulate the potential economic and social opportunities for hyperlocal media in the UK.

As part of the programme, NESTA is offering 10 organisations up to £50,000 to develop next generation hyperlocal media services. Learning from each funded prototype will be made public for the benefit of the sector.

You can read the press release here as well as some FAQs and a list of partners (which include Creative England, Mozilla, Skillset, STV, Talk About Local, Time Out, University of Central Lancashire (uclan) and the Welsh Government).


The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £1.8m in feasibility projects that address the converged nature of the digital landscape, the first part will look at encouraging innovative, hyper-local cross-media platforms and enabling technologies that will drive new service offerings, reach out into communities and provide conduits for public services. There’s a four page brief here.

Projects should last up to 12 months and are eligible for grants of up to £56,250 or 75% of total costs. Total project costs must not exceed £75,000. Click this link for more details.


My own involvement has been around a landscape report looking at hyperlocal in the UK. You can download it from here. Many thanks to everyone who has said nice things about the report thus far. With 52 pages, 173 footnotes and I think 15,000 words or so, it is not necessarily a short read, but I hope it is a useful and insightful one.

Sarah Hartley over on the Talk About Local blog has published Five hyperlocal take-aways from the Here and Now report – be interested to see what others glean from it.

One response to “Summary of recent hyperlocal announcements

  1. Hi Damian,

    I’m just going through the hyperlocal report now – very interesting reading. Just wanted to draw your attention to a slightly different kind of hyperlocal site. It’s called We Are Cardiff and features stories and portrait photographs of residents of Cardiff. It was featured in the Guardian last week and is currently working on a documentary film version of itself…


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