Presentation on 21st Century News

Last week I took part in an event at Bristol’s Watershed Media looking at 21st Century News.

The event was part of a series organised by the BBC Innovation Academy, in association with Bristol Media and Bristol Anchor project.  Fellow contributors included:

Andy Channelle – Red Cross
Matthew Eltringham – BBC College of Journalism
William Perrin – Talk About Local
Mark Palmer – UWE
Phil Gibbons – BCFM

I was also delighted to discover that the event was being organised – and compered – by Paul Appleby who I know from both BBC and CSV days. It was great to catch up with him and others whilst in the South West.

You can view my slides on the Anchor website or on Slideshare.

I’m delighted to report that they have already had over 1,000 views, which is fantastic!

Finally, a word of thanks to Suzanne Kavanagh who provided fantastic live tweeting from the event (as @sashers). This very effectively summed up what people were saying. So,  I turned her comments – and those of others into a Tweetdoc: which gives a good flavour of what was discussed.

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