Presentation to London Met

Last week I gave a presentation to a group of MA Communications students at London’s Metropolitan University on the Broadcasting Code. A version of this presentation, minus clips, is below.

 My thanks to Dr Jeremy Collins for inviting me back to speak to his students.

One of the challenges, and interesting dynamics, about talking to this student  group was their diversity. Out of 15 students, only one was from the UK. 

As a result, not only do I have to be careful about how I contextualise examples (given that many of them don’t have a lot of prior knowledge of British TV or culture,) but the student’s perspectives are also fascinating; as their expectations of British Media are often reflected through the lens of the country(ies) where they grew up. We had students from Venezuela, North America and Eastern Europe; all of whom had very different opinions – and experiences – of media standards and attitudes.

A lively disscussion meant that a 45 minute presentation lasted for 1 hour 45 mins and would have gone on longer had we not drawn it to a close! I suspect I learnt as much as I gave…


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