Online Neighbourhood Networks study

Earlier today I attended a conference for the launch of the excellent Online Networked Neighbourhoods Study. The research explores the ways in which people communicate online using local citizen-run websites, the impact of that communication, and the implications for local service providers.

The research shows that the sites serve to enhance the sense of belonging, democratic influence, neighbourliness and involvement in their area. Participants claim more positive attitudes towards public agencies where representatives of those agencies are engaging online.

I had some limited involvement with the publication; having been asked to sit on the Steering Group for the report (which was very useful, but I contributed little) and in turn adding a Guest Paper to the publication pack. This short paper looks at “Broadcast Community Media in the UK” and was intended to provide useful context for the main report.

Unexpected, first-time, jet lag meant I was probably a little quieter at the event than normal, but I learnt lots of new things, got to meet some old friends and meet some interesting new people.

Here’s the opening slides from the start of the conference, which provide a great starting point to the full report.

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