BT Inclusive Design Event

Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for Older and Disabled people (ACOD) supported the above event which took place at the BT Tower on 2nd February, with ACOD’s Chair – Mike Whitlam – chairing a Q&A session at the end of the morning session.

BT organised and sponsored this seminar, which followed on from ACOD’s research report: Exploring how manufacturers, suppliers and retailers address the needs of older and disabled people: what are the barriers and drivers? that was published in June last year.

I was fortunate enough to be involved in helping to shape the day, which was designed to promote the benefits of inclusive design to business by targeting designers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers and organisations representing business interests.

Sadly, I was in Newcastle, so couldn’t make the event but feedback has been very positive.

The speakers for the Morning Session were:

  • Andrew Harrop, Age UK.
  • Prof John Clarkson, Engineering Design Centre, Cambridge University.
  • Gus Desbarats, The Alloy.
  • Gillian Gibson-Piggot, BT Innovate and Design.
  • Jon Corcoran, Wire Design.

In the afternoon the Engineering Design Centre of Cambridge University provided a hands-on exercises showing how to get started with inclusive design using their toolkit:

John Clarkson’s slides from the event can be found via this link. (They are 19MB and thus too big to post, however, they are well worth a look.)

 Andrew Harrop’s slides – looking at the UK’s over 50s demographic and the scale of an ageing population – are below:

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