Cabinet / DCMS Seminar on hyper-local media

Earlier this week I was involved in a small hyper-local event being organised by DCMS as an offshoot to the recent C&binet Forum.

Several of the attendees have already blogged about the issues which came up, so rather than repeat that, I’ll simply link to them instead.

Event reports

Hannah Waldram‘s summary posted at Podnosh.

Podnosh’s Nick Booth offered this additional article as did Jon Bounds.

Ground Report‘s Rachel Sterne provided a perspective from the US.

Whilst William Perrin who co-chaired the event successfully captured the suggestions made by the group at the end of the seminar. This list was also captured by Hugh Flouch.

Jeff Jarvis joined the second day by Skype, referencing his involvement in a post: “The future of news is entrepreneurial”.

Finally, Paul Bradshaw provided some pre – and post – match analysis.

(If I’ve missed any, then do let me know.)

Attendees to C&binet Seminar ‘09:

  • Richard Allen (Facebook)
  • Nick Booth and Hannah Waldram (Podnosh)
  • Jon Bounds (Blogger)
  • Paul Bradshaw (Senior Lecturer in Online Journalism, Magazines and New Media at Birmingham City University)
  • Joanna Geary (The Times)
  • James Hatts (Bankside Press)
  • Sarah Hartley (The Guardian)
  • James Heath (BBC)
  • Jeff Jarvis – via Skype (Journalist)
  • Tom Loosemore (Channel 4)
  • Ruth MacKenzie (DCMS)
  • Douglas McCabe (Enders Analysis)
  • Matthew Palevsky (Huffington Post)
  • William Perrin (Talk About Local)
  • Sylwia Presley and Neha Viswanathan (Global Voices)
  • Damian Radcliffe (Ofcom)
  • Alan Rusbridger (The Guardian)
  • Siôn Simon (Minister for Creative Industries)
  • Rachel Sterne (GroundReport)
  • Julian Thompson and Michael Delvin (RSA)
  • Tom Watson (MP)

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