CSV / BBC 5th Anniversary Publication

Publication written and produced in September 2006 highlighting some of the work done through the CSV/BBC partnership. There’s some really nice case studies here showcasing our work across a wide variety of different types of projects.

There was also a press release (also printed below) highlighting the key points.

Sex, drugs and a good death!
5 years of rallying communities through broadcasting

Promoting sexual health, tackling heroin addiction and planning positively for a funeral are just some of the significant issues that feature as part of the celebrations for a unique five year partnership between the BBC and CSV, the UK’s largest volunteering and training charity. (Thursday 21 September 2006)

CSV Action Desks based at 36 BBC radio stations across England encourage the nation to play a more active part in the life and well being of their community. Over the past five years CSV Action Desks have had over 300,000 responses from listeners, and handled 170,000 calls in reply to volunteer appeals amongst the sector. The CSV Action Desks have also helped 145,000 people get involved in lifelong learning.

Mark Thompson, Director-General for the BBC will give a speech on the achievements of CSV Action Desks at their fifth year anniversary event at Tower Bridge on Thursday 21 September. Mark Thompson says: “The partnership between the BBC and CSV has shown how broadcasting can encourage tens of thousands of people to engage in their communities. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve together.”

Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, Executive Director of CSV, said: “CSV’s partnership with BBC local radio enables thousands of citizens to hear in their own homes details of where their help is needed, in their locality. They respond with time and skills and make a huge difference to other people’s lives and to strengthen communities.”

Examples of successful CSV Action Desk campaigns
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Kent ran a campaign to raise awareness of men’s sexual health issues.
• BBC Radio Gloucestershire were able to offer a woman who had been a heroin addict for 23 years the opportunity to volunteer on the CSV Action Desk where she even hosted her own phone in show on the dangers of drug use.
• BBC Radio Suffolk’s CSV Action Desk ran Britain’s first ever ‘funeral fair’ in Ipswich, giving local people the information necessary to prepare for a ‘good death’.
• CSV Action Desks have knitted over 15,000 baby items for hospices in the UK and Africa, 10,000 items of clothes and teddy bears for orphanages in Eastern Europe as well as 5,000 jumpers for Tasmanian penguins affected by a major oil slick.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Norfolk inspired 250,000 listeners to learn French and Spanish along with a favourite presenter.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Southern Counties ran a foster care campaign, which resulted in 55 families coming forward to offer a home for young people in care.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Gloucestershire spent a month with young people to design and create a new youth centre, greatly reducing anti social crime in the area.
• Many CSV Action Desks have run recycling mobile phone campaigns to help raise money for local hospices and carer appeals. Over 5,000 mobile phones have been recycled so far.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Gloucestershire tackled the long waiting list for medical equipment in the area by getting people to return over £70,000 worth of equipment that was no longer needed.
Upcoming CSV Action Desk campaigns include:
• Both the CSV Action Desks at BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Bristol will be amongst those running campaigns highlighting depression and mental illness.
• The A-team – CSV’s Action Desk at BBC Radio Merseyside – is recruiting volunteers to build a relaxation garden for patients at the Wirral Neurological Rehabilitation unit.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Cleveland will run a ‘positive thinking week’ to remind older people that they are never too old to take up a new hobby or course, or help in their local community.

Action Desks events for CSV Make a Difference Day, the UK’s largest single day of volunteering, on Saturday 28 October include:
• Barclaycard volunteers and the CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Northampton will help Polish and Somali immigrants with their English reading and writing skills.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Cornwall are using CSV Make a Difference Day to kick start their ‘Sea Sense’ campaign promoting safety around the coast and highlighting the work of the emergency services.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Sheffield will organise a Breast Cancer Awareness Day in the city centre.
• The CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio York are working with older volunteers from our Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) to run after school clubs to help children with their reading skills.
• Volunteers will help the CSV Action Desk at BBC Radio Humberside makeover a lifeboat station.
• BBC Radio Devon’s CSV Action Desk will encourage volunteers to count and identify local mammal populations as well as planting trees.
• Volunteers will help the CSV action desk at BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire with a garden makeover at an Alzheimer Society centre.
• Volunteers are getting together with BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s CSV Action Desk to help with a makeover of Lincolnshire City Hospital.
• BBC Three Counties Radio’s CSV action Desk will encourage volunteers on CSV Make a Difference Day to clearing up a Buckinghamshire canal.
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For further information contact Paul Donohoe 020 7812 0037/07779 624 385 pdonohoe@csv.org.uk or Jason Tanner 020 7812 0038 jtanner@csv.org.uk