Volunteer Britain Award Winners – full details

Full details published on the CSV website here. (I’ve ammended the below to include links to the winning content online.) 

Helen Potter
Helen Potter: winner of the digital storytelling category with her story Fighting Back.

Helen Potter


Helen suffered from manic depression which was aggravated by family tragedy. Volunteering at BURD – the mental health centre in Blackwood, South Wales – helped her recover.


 She now has a qualification in counselling, performs and publishes her own poetry and is continuing to make digital stories.


Andrea Manning



Andrea Manning



Sixteen-year-old Andrea from Ramsbottom in Lancashire spent the first three years of her life in and out of foster homes. She had violent tantrums and was bullied at school but found that she could express herself through volunteering in hospital radio. She hopes to become an actress.


Mike Truelove

Winner of the professional films category with The Driving Force .


 Mike Truelove


Through his hard work for the Herefordshire Voluntary Action’s Volunteer Driver Development Project, Mike has recruited many more drivers. Their beneficiaries range from the elderly to young children.



Steven Schofield

Winner of the non-professional films category with his short film Volunteering.


  steven schofield


A tattooed and pierced young volunteer from St Albans, Steven is hardly the typical image of a volunteer. He believes passionately that people from any and all walks of life should help others in whatever modest way they can.


 James Goldcrown

James received a special award for his film To Die No More .


James Goldcrown


A filmmaker who visited South Africa on behalf of the Ex Animo Micro Trust to publicise the plight of AIDS orphans. His film won “Best Documentary” at the 2005 Portobello Film Festival. James has recently returned to Africa to distribute funds raised by the documentary.

Winner of the under-18s’ category with her film Don’t Look Back in Anger.

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