Buyer’s Guide to DAB Digital Radio

I referred rather opaquely to some freelance work I was doing a while ago on my blog (see entry for 29th June,) now I can – without any danger of breaching commercial sensitivities – finally reveal what it was.
Glyn Jones, who was my first boss at the BBC and who now heads up the Operations side of the commercial DAB Digital Radio broadcaster Digital One, approached me a while ago about writing an independent buyers guide to every digital radio available in the UK marketplace.
It proved to be quite an undertaking – there’s a lot of products and we wanted them reviewed not just by us, but punters too – and so to do the project a few other people were brought on board to work on it too.
The fruits of our labour (and my evenings and weekends for a seven week period!) is now available to buy. The magazine came through my door the other day and it looks great. Really great. So much so that it’s hard to recognise a lot of the stuff I did, but then that’s always the way!
Worth checking out if you want to buy a radio and don’t know where to start – the reviews are pretty warts and all (which may piss some manufacturers off,) and if you’re still unclear on what to buy in Lewis’ let me know and I’ll give you the inside track ūüėČ
There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but there’s a lot of shite too…

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