DCMS Review of BBC Online

A little late with this post I know, but I had the pleasure (or otherwsie) of reading this full report the other week. The main findings were predicatable and can be found elsewhere what is much more interesting is the analysis done by Spectrum Strategy Consultants.
This paints a picture of the technological landscape in the next few years and includes some interesting projections about what technology will become the norm in the next five years.
Most of what they talk about is already available – so the predictions aren’t exactly groundbreaking or radical. However much of it is currently expensive or hard to find. Spectrum think prices will tumble quickly so that luxuries will become everday objects.
For example, in their world, I’ll soon be posting photos direct from my camera to my blog straight after taking them wherever I may be. No need to wait several days to sit down on a PC to edit and upload – it’s all instantaneous, but I doubt we’ll still feel that the technology buys us more time, like with the labour saving devices of the 50s, they just opens up more possibilities and more things to do….


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